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Filtered Showerhead


I like my showers chemical-free. Luckily, my showerhead purifies my water and improves my skin and hair too. It’s an A++ from me.

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6h am

Arise Basil Olive Oil


I love cooking my breakfast in superfoods. I use olive oil with up to 5x the antioxidants because it’s fresher, tastier and has a higher smoke point which is perfect for frying up my morning eggs.

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7h am

Activated Charcoal Body Wash

Black Wolf Nation

I take great pride in my bedtime shower routine. I want to smell as good as my skin looks so I use a body wash that gives me a deep-clean, fights off the dreaded “back-ne” and also removes the toxins that come with living in NYC.

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8h pm

CBD Sleep Gummies

House Of Wise

I’m all about optimization. My sleep routine is no different. I use organic, full spectrum hemp products so I can get a good night’s rest and perform my best at work the next day.

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9h pm